Worried About Termites? Let Us Calm Your Nerves

Schedule a termite inspection in Independence, MO and surrounding areas

After hearing that termites cause about $50 billion in property damages every year, it's not surprising that you're feeling anxious. To find out if there's a termite problem in your home, call on the professionals at Ten Point Inspections, LLC.

During the termite inspection, we'll check your house inside and out for signs of those destructive bugs. If we uncover a colony, we'll offer expert termite control advice.

Call now to arrange for your termite inspection or termite control services in the Independence, MO and surrounding areas.

Don't overlook these warning signs

Don't overlook these warning signs

If you think termites are taking over your home, you need to act quickly to minimize the damage. Turn to Ten Point Inspections for a comprehensive termite inspection.

We'll respond as quickly as possible to look for evidence of a colony, including:

  • Mud tunnels
  • Discarded wings
  • Clicking noises in the walls
  • Hollow floorboards
  • Droppings

Contact us today to speak with a termite control specialist in Independence, MO and surrounding areas about your concerns. We're standing by to help.