Jake Popalisky

Jake has 20+ years of experience in the construction industry as a carpenter. Most recently, he's owned and operated Quality Home Contractors, LLC; specializing in home remodeling and restoration. He has helped many people in different situations and making stressful times for homeowners as calming as possible.

Jake is married and has three amazing sons. With three boys running around, things break on a regular basis. Nothing is worse than coming home to something broken without the knowledge there was something wrong in the first place. Therefore, Jake's goal is help you know and understand what to expect before the unexpected happens.

A home is a big investment and we strive to make the buying/selling process as stress-free as possible. Our motivation is to take the worry out of the unknown, give you the confidence and knowledge of every problem, and provide you with the solution to fix the problem.

We understand the importance of honesty and integrity, which translates to always providing home buyers/sellers with the utmost customer service. We can assure you with our combined experience you will be well informed and treated as family.

We look forward to helping you and your family/friends!